Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Complete Core: Celticore at the Fitzpatrick School - a Fuse Pilates workout [All Levels]

Arms + Upper Body Workouts • 11m

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  • Shoulders + Triceps [All Levels]

    As we know, arm strength is vital for Irish dancers in order to maintain good posture and upper body control. In this "Arm Clinic" workout, we'll focus on our triceps and shoulders. Additionally, we introduce a fun exercise called "rapid fire arms"!

    Level: All Levels
    What You Need: Mat

  • Upper Back Strength + Injury Preventi...

    In this workout, it's all about your back! We'll focus on strengthening our back muscles to help us stabilize and control our upper body movement. Using a combination of face-down lying exercises - with a few planks thrown in towards the end, just for fun! - we'll work to create length in our b...

  • Abs + Arms [All Levels]

    There are two parts to this video workout: the first part focuses on posture, engaging your arms, upper back and challenging your abdominal stability. The second part, as requested by a Celticore monthly subscriber, is a super-challenging ab set designed to ignite your core and help stay one ste...