Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Ballet Training - Legs + Glutes [All Levels]

Technique Focus: Jumping + Lift • 11m

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  • BARRE Workout #2 by Deirdre [All Levels]

    Building off of her first "Introduction to Barre" workout, Deirdre introduces some new concepts to help Irish dancers get the most out of their Celticore cross-training program! This is a dynamic workout that will surely get your body moving - a great warm up for dance practice or addition to you...

  • Happy Hips Stability + Control [All L...

    This workout utilizes contemporary and classical Pilates mat work (including leg circles & a "clamshell" side-lying sequence) to help stabilize, control and stretch out your hips for Irish dance. We'll also target our hip flexors through some lower abdominal exercises. Enjoy your workout!


  • Express Legs + Quads [All Levels]

    Give your dancing an added "kick" with this quick 5-minute leg workout. We'll focus on alignment + quad strengthening. Remember, in Pilates, we want to work slowly to help control each movement, similar to how you need to move as a dancer!

    Level: All Levels
    What You Need: No equipment nee...