New Workouts

New Workouts

In order to keep our studio program fresh, we release a new workout each Monday and frequently add technique seminars, special features and workouts led by guest instructors! All workouts in this category have been recently added to the studio. If there's something you'd like to see included in an upcoming workout, we invite you to visit our Studio Lounge Forum + post an idea!

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New Workouts
  • *NEW* Perfect Your Posture - Obliques [All Levels]

    Join us for an All-Levels workout to help improve your posture on stage, with a particular focus on obliques. We'll focus on our upper body form and control with a series of twists, roll-downs and additional core-strengthening moves. Remember: oftentimes the slower you move through Pilates exer...

  • Classic Core + The Hundred [All Levels]

    Join us for a challenging but highly energizing "Classic Core" workout. We'll work through several variations of "The Hundred" as well as move intelligently through roll-ups, leg circles and other core activation techniques in order to help you gain the control, power and grace you need on stage...

  • Ballet Training - Legs + Glutes [All Levels]

    Join Celticore featured instructor Moira Ragen for an energizing legs + glutes-focused workout, inspired by Ballet training moves. Moira instructs students through a dynamic - and important - series of exercises to tone an area of dancers' bodies which are often ignored. Enjoy your workout!


  • Perfect Your Posture - Arms Control [All Levels]

    Help keep your arms by your side and in control at all times while dancing with this quick - and fun! - arm toning workout. We'll aim to create length in our arms and upper body by optimizing control and working with a small, specific range of motion. Oh, and there might be a few pushups as wel...

  • Happy Hips Stability + Control [All Levels]

    This workout utilizes contemporary and classical Pilates mat work (including leg circles & a "clamshell" side-lying sequence) to help stabilize, control and stretch out your hips for Irish dance. We'll also target our hip flexors through some lower abdominal exercises. Enjoy your workout!