Essential Core Training for Champions

Essential Core Training for Champions

***LIMITED TIME OFFER*** The workout series every Irish dancer needs - just in time for your last minute Oireachtas push! Gain the benefits of expertly-designed core training for Irish dance champions, coached by former Riverdance cast member and certified Fuse Pilates instructor Joe Duffey. The 5 specially selected intermediate-advanced level workouts in this series are designed to enhance your core strength + control, with the goal of helping you feel confident on stage. ***This workout series has proven so popular we are keeping it for sale! 5 workouts just $9.99***

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Essential Core Training for Champions

5 Videos

  • Core Control + Leg Activation [All Levels]

    Find your deep core strength and activate your legs in this toning-focused workout! Leg and abdominal connection is an important concept for Irish dancers. We'll challenge you to move through the workout slowly, paying close attention to form and precision.

    Level: All Levels
    What You Nee...

  • Irish Dance "Clamshell" Sequence [All Level]

    Join us for an essential "clamshell" exercise sequence to target your glutes, hips and upper body control. Many PTs emphasize the importance of training with this specific tool. Christina White demonstrates proper form & technique. (She joined us last summer at Camp Rince Ceol!)

    Level: All L...

  • Perfect Your Posture - Obliques [All Levels]

    Join us for an All-Levels workout to help improve your posture on stage, with a particular focus on obliques. We'll focus on our upper body form and control with a series of twists, roll-downs and additional core-strengthening moves. Remember: oftentimes the slower you move through Pilates exer...

  • Core Activation, Part 2 [All Levels]

    This workout is the 2nd part of our "Core Activation" series -
    a program of workouts designed to help educate Irish dancers in what exactly it means to engage your core while dancing. In this workout, we'll move through an intelligent abdominal strengthening series as well as other functional ...

  • Core Activation, Part 1 [Basics]

    Celticore is pleased to present "Core Activation" - a new series of workouts designed to help educate Irish dancers in what exactly it means to engage your core while dancing. We'll move through jumps, kicks, planks and other functional training elements to help connect the work we do in Pilates...