Ballet + Modern for Irish Dancers [5-Pack]

Ballet + Modern for Irish Dancers [5-Pack]

Join Celticore instructor Moira Ragen for a special series of Ballet-technique inspired workouts designed specifically for Irish dancers!

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Ballet + Modern for Irish Dancers [5-Pack]

5 Videos

  • Ballet Training - Legs + Glutes [All Levels]

    Join Celticore featured instructor Moira Ragen for an energizing legs + glutes-focused workout, inspired by Ballet training moves. Moira instructs students through a dynamic - and important - series of exercises to tone an area of dancers' bodies which are often ignored. Enjoy your workout!


  • Deep Stretch Session with Moira [Basics]

    Join Moira Ragen for a deep stretch using ballet + modern dance-inspired movement, as part of our "Stretch It Out" series. It's essential that Irish dancers adequately stretch post-practice, in order to prevent injuries and keep their bodies in top shape. This workout is the perfect way to rela...

  • Modern Floor Warm-Up with Moira [All Levels]

    This energizing, Modern dance-based floor workout will help you lengthen and stretch your body, activate your core and prepare to conquer the stage with grace and ease! Featured Celticore Instructor Moira Ragen leads us through a series of beneficial dance exercises suitable as either a warm-up,...

  • Back + Arms Ballet Workout for Irish Dance [All Levels]

    Celticore featured instructor Moira Ragen leads us through a splendid ballet-inspired back & arms-focused workout.
    The focus here will be to help control our upper body and move with grace and ease, using principles of ballet and modern dance. Many top Irish dancers have training in other sty...

  • Ballet Training for Irish Dancers [Basics]