Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Turnout + Crossing with World Champion Saoirse Deboy [All Levels] - A Fuse Pilates Workout

On-The-Go: Workouts Under 10 Minutes • 10m

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  • Glutes + Hip Stability [All Levels]

    Power to the glutes! In this workout, we'll use a challenging set of exercises designed to help us maintain hip stability and build power in our legs which we need to execute effective Irish dance jumps and kicks! We've also thrown in a few Yoga-inspired postures to keep things fun and interest...

  • Core Activation, Part 1 [Basics]

    Celticore is pleased to present "Core Activation" - a new series of workouts designed to help educate Irish dancers in what exactly it means to engage your core while dancing. We'll move through jumps, kicks, planks and other functional training elements to help connect the work we do in Pilates...

  • Shoulders + Triceps [All Levels]

    As we know, arm strength is vital for Irish dancers in order to maintain good posture and upper body control. In this "Arm Clinic" workout, we'll focus on our triceps and shoulders. Additionally, we introduce a fun exercise called "rapid fire arms"!

    Level: All Levels
    What You Need: Mat