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Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Pilates Roll-Up Series for Dancers [Intermediate]

Core Training • 3m 53s

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  • On-The-Go Abs 2 Backstage feat. Siobh...

    Our second "On-The-Go Abs" feature takes traditional Pilates corework to the next level. With guest student & longtime Riverdance Lead Dancer Siobhan Manson, we filmed this workout while in the middle of a show with The Young Irelanders, thus demonstrating how easy it is to get in a bit of ab ac...

  • Lower Abs Focus [Advanced]

    Your lower abdominals are critical for helping you power & push through the challenging moments on stage. In this workout, we'll go through a classical sequence of challenging low-ab exercises, and hopefully have some fun when we're not shaking too much!

    Level: Advanced
    What You Need: Mat

  • Upper + Lower Abs [Intermediate]

    In this classic "ab attack"-style workout, we'll take the definition of a crunch to the next level. Using Pilates principles and some elements of the Fuse Pilates method, we'll not only tone but also focus on creating length and maintaining control of our core. This workout is great as a quick ...