Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Elevation - Stay On Your Toes! [All Levels]

Core Training • 12m

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  • Upper Body Control + Arms [All Levels]

    Join us for a posture-focused workout designed for all levels, with an emphasis on upper body stillness + control. We'll also work through some oblique exercises and arm toning. It's an essential workout for Irish dancers and, at just 8 minutes long, it's the perfect length to complete when you...

  • Leg Power + Strength [All Levels]

    This workout is designed to activate the power in your legs to create the dynamic movement and action required for success on stage. We'll use some of the fundamentals of Pilates technique to focus on leg + glutes control, power and stability, as well as incorporating some Yoga-inspired stretche...

  • Complete Core [Advanced]

    In this workout, we're putting our entire abdominal powerhouse to the test! Get ready for an intense [but still fun!] series of strategic Pilates-inspired corework. We'll challenge our abdominal stability & endurance, which in turn will help your posture & overall polish onstage.

    Level: A...