Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Balance + Power Standing Workout [All Levels]

Core Training • 10m

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    "Rolling like a ball" is a classical Pilates exercise which is both effective and FUN! We love how this exercise helps to fully engage your core as well as help control momentum throughout the various exercise elements. Be sure to focus on your form as we demonstrate in this new miniseries work...

  • Calm Your Core! [All Levels]

    The day of any major event, and particularly Irish dance competitions, in your life will undoubtedly be filled with emotions, excitement, and nerves. We've designed this "Calm Your Core" workout to help with those pre-competition nerves, allowing you to center yourself and find the mental space ...

  • Plank Principles [All Levels]

    Take your isometric core training to the next level with "Plank Principles" - a great way to strengthen your powerhouse and learn some new variations on the classic exercise! The plank is highly beneficial for Irish dancers' upper body control and core activation. As such, we'll work through a ...