Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Upper Body Toning for Irish Dancers [All Levels]

Champion Training Series • 8m 52s

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  • Side-Lying Series 1 [All Levels]

    Side-lying work is a pillar of the Pilates discipline. Here, we use a selection of Pilates side-lying mat work to strengthen, lengthen and tone the major muscles in our legs, with a focus on stability, balance & control.

    Level: All Levels
    What You Need: Mat
    Exercise Credit: Fuse Pilate...

  • On-The-Go Abs 2 Backstage feat. Siobh...

    Our second "On-The-Go Abs" feature takes traditional Pilates corework to the next level. With guest student & longtime Riverdance Lead Dancer Siobhan Manson, we filmed this workout while in the middle of a show with The Young Irelanders, thus demonstrating how easy it is to get in a bit of ab ac...

  • Legs + Glutes Toning 1 [All Levels]

    Here, we flip the Pilates style over onto our hands & knees (also known as the quadriped position), allowing us to target our glutes & legs in a different, challenging way. The "hands & knees" exercises utilized here come from the unique Fuse Pilates method, incorporating elements of barre and t...