Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Watch this video and more on CELTICORE ONLINE STUDIO

Turnout + Crossing with World Champion Saoirse Deboy [All Levels] - A Fuse Pilates Workout

Champion Training Series • 10m

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  • Turnout + Leg Strength [All Levels]

    In this workout, we'll use a Pilates side-lying position to train turnout muscles as well as working to improve hip stability and leg strength. The side-lying position is derived from the Classical Pilates repertoire, and we'll also throw in some variations from the Fuse Pilates method. Enjoy!

  • YOGA for Irish Dancers 2 [All Levels]

    In this Yoga-Pilates fusion workout designed for all levels, Celticore founder Joe Duffey will lead you through a flowing series of full-body strengthening exercises, stretches and dynamic movement. Based on some of the principles of Vinyasa Yoga, this workout aims to show you how Irish dancers ...

  • Core Activation, Part 2 [All Levels]

    This workout is the 2nd part of our "Core Activation" series -
    a program of workouts designed to help educate Irish dancers in what exactly it means to engage your core while dancing. In this workout, we'll move through an intelligent abdominal strengthening series as well as other functional ...